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Why Drug and Alcohol testing in the workplace is important

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

To test of not to test, that is the question?

· Should employers be considering Drug and Alcohol testing in the workplace?

· Is there a time and place for Drug and Alcohol testing to take place?

· When the “drugs” don’t work...

· When should employers bring Drug and Alcohol testing in the workplace?

· Why would any employer want to make Drug and Alcohol testing part of their policies?

When Drugs and Alcohol feature in the workplace, it’s not ‘rock and roll’, it’s more rack and ruin.

Having a Drug and Alcohol testing policy in the workplace for some industries is, of course, mandatory such as within the transport industry; but of course, it shouldn’t just extend to them.

So, why would you want to include testing in your workplace?

Well, whilst it might be funny to watch an intoxicated “Jim” attempting to climb a ladder, trying to type or miscalling clients after a “few” at lunchtime; the reality is every employer has a duty of care.

This means ensuring the safety of every employee that works for you. People under the influence can often be very unpredictable, and this can be one of employer’s biggest threats. It can lead to loss of productivity, damage, days off (sick or unauthorised) and cover-ups. Not only is it an employer’s duty of care but, an ethical one too; you wouldn’t want someone running a meeting whilst under the influence of either drugs or alcohol, nor would you want them to be in charge of delivering important information that could easily be delivered incorrectly.

Understanding not only employee rights but also employer duties, with regards to D&A testing can ensure a happy, safe, productive (and legal) workforce, all working towards a common goal.

Being clear and upfront about this policy, ensuring that staff consent to it and being clear across the board that the policy is in force for all employees… that includes Directors, CEOs etc., can help build a clear, open and transparent culture.

If employees do have problems that can be pushing them towards turning to either Drugs or Alcohol, ensuring you have a robust policy in place is a must. Also, include support mechanisms to assist them to overcome any difficulties, and encourage them to come forward before it’s too late; can ensure a safe and healthy workplace.

We at People4People are trained in D&A testing and can appreciate the delicate and fragile steps needed to manage this effectively and efficiently. If you would like an informal discussion on how we can help you, then give us a call today.

After-all it’s good to talk. T. 01924 920204


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