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Drug and Alcohol Testing

People 4 People Human Resources Consultants provide police alcohol testing and professional drug testing to businesses like transport companies for safety and legal compliance

Are alcohol and drug tests essential to your business …

for safety?

for smooth function?  

for legal compliance?

Contact us to book a test

Get professional, police-standard tests you can rely on from People 4 People.

  • Results are rapid, reliable and difficult to tamper with.

  • The same alcohol test used by the police.

  • Test for 7 to 9 drugs with dependable results.

  • Prices start low and get lower the more are purchased.


1 x Drug and Alcohol test                                                                      £75.00

5 x Drug and Alcohol tested simultaneously                                   £350.00

10 x Drug and Alcohol tests                                                               £500.00


10% extra discount available on monthly plans.

Alcohol Testing

We use the Drager Alcotest 6820 and the Drager Mobile Printer.  These are stringently verified professional breathalyser tests of the type used by the police.

The Breathalyser measures the alcohol concentration in a person’s breath, showing current, as opposed to historical, alcohol consumption. This means they can be used to prove sobriety as well as test for alcohol presence when needed.


The person being tested blows into a disposable mouthpiece attached to the device. The results are then given as a digital readout, A second reading is only taken if the first reading is greater than zero.

Drug Testing

Oral fluid drug testing can be used to determine whether someone is misusing drugs by taking a sample of their saliva and analysing it for particular substances.


Results are received in approximately 10 minutes. The test is not invasive and is difficult to tamper with.   An immediate negative result may mean that no further action needs to be taken, but a non-negative result will undergo confirmation testing from the laboratory to determine exactly what substance was taken and in what quantities.


This test can detect drugs taken up to 48 hours previously, although this can depend on the particular substance taken.

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