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What is a Human Resources Business Partner?

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

HR Partners - We are People 4 Your People

Human resources business partners are the people who are there for your people, including you as the owner or manager. We help to provide support and security to staff in good times and in bad. We assure managers, directors and owners that their HR policies and practices are well designed, letting staff excel while keeping everyone secure when issues do arise.

There for people - There for the business

Zig Ziglar said, “You don’t build a business. You build people, and then people build the business.”

This quote shows the value of a good HR business partner better than almost anything else. We work to build people, increase their morale, develop their abilities and maximise their job satisfaction. This lets your people develop the business to the best of their ability. As such, the return on investment on picking and engaging a good HR consultant or partner can be huge.

The nuts and bolts - What a HR Business Partner Does

We work to keep your business and its people secure, positive and productive before, during and after any event that might happen.

Before the event, from engagement onward, we get your HR policies, practices and contracts in order. We ensure you’re ready for anything that comes along. That could mean making the most of the good times by hiring, training and motivating your staff. It could also mean staying safe in the bad times by securing and reassuring your staff, not to mention keeping you safe from legal issues and litigation.

With all that in hand, you will be ready for anything!

During the event, we’re with you every day on the other side of a phone for convenience, or in person for real relatability when you need it. We manage everyday issues like attendance, performance, holidays and transport (our speciality) to ensure that everyone is putting the most in and getting the most out of their work. We can hire people and consult on training to ensure you have the best team possible. When issues arise, we’re there, prepared with your policies and our expertise to get the best outcome for all. That can mean mediating, advising you and supporting you through disciplinary, grievance and performance issues.

After the fact, we find the best solution for you. We then record everything correctly and help your people and your business to develop as a result of lessons learned and issues overcome.

We’ll be there when you need us, helping you to grow, develop and keep your people secure. Really, there is no ‘after the fact’ because there is no end to the support of a human resources consultant or partner.

External HR partner vs. In-house HR employee

The main thing that sets a human resources business partner apart from a normal HR employee is that they work with your business from the outside.

This has a range of advantages, especially for small and developing businesses. For small businesses, there is sometimes not enough HR work to justify even a part-time employee, so engaging a partner in this area is ideal. As businesses grow and develop, an external partner offers the flexibility to scale services as needed. If you’re taking on many new staff one month, you can easily increase the number of hours you engage your HR partner for. Then you can lower the number again when there is less work. That isn’t possible with an in-house employee.

To sum up, you have an expert dedicated to fulfilling all your HR needs without taking up more resources than needed.

Also, working with a HR partner is like working with any kind of partner. A good partner takes an active, focused interest in your business’s success. When your business succeeds, they succeed. When it fails, they fail. I for one take real pride in supporting my clients to success with the backing of my team.

If you want to find out more about the benefits of having a HR partner, pop to my services page or feel free to get in touch on 07891 045526. We’re always happy to chat.


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